Rubus sprengelii – Series Sprengeliani

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This distinctive species is locally abundant on heathlands and lightly-shaded acid woodlands over much of England and Wales, with outliers in Scotland and Ireland. It is also widespread in central and northern Europe. It is quickly noticed due to the clusters of reddish or purplish-pink flowers, produced on widely diverging branches of the inflorescence (appearing almost corymbose), usually close to ground-level. The sharply-pointed sepals turn outwards after flowering, producing a star-like shape.


Stamens do not usually overtop the styles when viewed from the side (upper flower above). This is a feature of the Sprengeliani, though some species from other Series also show this. Styles are usually green.

sprengelii sprengelii

Petals are fairly broad, but can appear quite narrow if they become crumpled or folded. Beware plants with faded petals (below), which can look quite different.

sprengelii sprengelii sprengelii

Leaves are sparsely hairy above and below, but not felted below. Three, four or five leaflets may be present. The leaflets can become quite strongly plicate when in full sun (first photo below).

sprengelii sprengelii

Stems are hairy, with numerous stout curved prickles and scattered short-stalked glands hidden amongst the hairs. Trailing stems can be much weaker: relatively thin, and round in cross-section.

sprengelii sprengelii