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*New title – published April 2023*

Wild Flowers of Coastal Andalucía by Sarah Ball

This is a companion book to Wild Flowers of Eastern Andalucía published in 2014. This volume covers the flora of the Andalucían coastline along the Atlantic, Straits of Gibraltar and Mediterranean. Coverage extends up to about 1 kilometre inland to include wider coastal habitats of cliffs, saltmarshes, river beds and rocky shrublands, in addition to beaches and dunes. This field guide can be easily carried in a backpack. It describes a selection of more than 500 of the most characteristic species to be found on this beautiful and varied coast, illustrated with more than 700 photographs. It is written largely in non-technical language, but includes descriptions of flowers, foliage and other important features and a glossary. The introduction describes the geology, habitats and vegetation types of the region and includes 22 colour plates illustrating the habitats to be found in the region. ISBN: 978-0-9563961-2-9, softback 148 x 210mm (A5), 304pp, UK £22.95.

Available from Summerfield Books.

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Other titles

Wild Flowers of Eastern Andalucía by Sarah Ball

This photographic field guide describes a representative selection the most frequent and characteristic species of wild plants to be found in this part of South-east Spain. The book describes 625 species, with 575 illustrated by colour photographs. There is also a glossary of botanical terms and 6 habitat plates. Published 2014, ISBN 978-0-9563961-1-2, softback 148 x 210mm (A5), 304pp, UK £22.95.

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Illustrated checklist of the Flora of Qatar by John Norton, Sara Abdul Majid, Debbie Allan, Mohammed Al Safran, Benno Böer and Renee Richer

Produced on behalf of UNESCO to further education and conservation relating to wild plants in the state of Qatar. Lists all wild or naturalized vascular plant species previously recorded and some new records, with summary details of their ecology, habitats and cultural uses; also includes a list of page references for each species from other regional floras, including those which are illustrated with photographs. Published 2009, ISBN 978-0-9563961-0-5, softback, 112pp, 110 colour photographs.

This checklist is sold out but I may be able to supply a copy to anyone interested or a pdf of an updated version. However, the checklist is now out of date. Many species have been added in the past 15 years or so, a few of the species listed are now thought to have been misnamed and several names of species have changed due to changes in taxonomy. For an up to data account of the Qatar flora see: Richer, R., Knees, S., Norton, J. & Sergeev, A. (2022). Hidden beauty: an exploration of Qatar’s native and naturalised flora. Akkadia Press and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh.