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British Wild Flowers & Wild Life Photographs

Welcome to Deb's Web – for close up and general photographs of British wild flowers (over 200 plant species illustrated), insects (particularly hoverflies, bees and bugs), spiders, other wildlife, & the natural environment.

The site index has both common English names and scientific names listed. Člick a thumbnail to go to that Gallery.

Wild Flowers and Plants Species Galleries

image: Marsh Gentian. Link to Wild Flower Gallery
Wild Flowers
(Dicots) 175+ species
Early Hair-grass image: Link to Wild Flowers (Monocots) GalleryGreen-winged Orchid image: Link to Wild Plants (Monocots) Gallery
Wild Plants
(Monocots) 25+ species
image: Marsh Fern: Link to Ferns & Allies Gallery image: Great Horsetail. Link to Ferns & Allies (Pteridophytes) Gallery
Ferns and allies
(Pteridophytes) 6+ species
Marchantia polymorpha image: Link to Lower Plants Galleryimage: Phycopeltis arundinacea Link to Lower Plants Gallery
Lower Plants (incl. algae, mosses
and Liverworts)
Image: Lecanora campestris subsp. campestris. Link to Lichens Gallery
image: Hygrocybe conica. Link to Fungi Gallery

Dicot, Monocot, Pteridophyte, Lower Plant ? – Quick guide to plant groups and classification.

Fauna Species Galleries

image: Common Lizard. Link to Amphibians & Reptiles Gallery
& Reptiles
image: Ivy Bees. Link to Bees and Wasps
Bees & Wasps
image: 2-spot Ladybird. Link to Beetles
image: Great Tit. Link to Bird Gallery
image: Bishops Mitre. Link to Bug Gallery
image: Marbled White. Link to Butterfly Gallery
Butterfly Gallery
(Lepidoptera pp.)
image: a millipede. Link to Centipedes and Millipedes Gallery
Centipedes and Millipedes
image: Calopteryx virgo. Link to Dragonflies & Damselflies Gallery
Dragonflies & Damselflies
image: Chrysops relictus. Link to Fly Gallery
Flies (Diptera)
(excluding Syrphidae)
image: Common Field Grasshopper. Link to Grasshoppers & Allies Gallery
Grasshoppers & Allies
(Orthoptera) Under construction
image: Leucozona glaucia. Link to Hoverfly Galleryimage: Sericomyia silentis. Link to Hoverfly Gallery
Hoverfly Gallery
image: Badger. Link to Mammal Gallery
Elephant Hawk-moth image: Link to Moth Gallery
(Lepidoptera pp.)
sawfly image: Link to Sawfly Gallery
Wasp Spider image: Link to Spider Gallery
and related
Lesser Cockroach image: Link to Miscellaneous Fauna page
Miscellaneous fauna
not included elsewhere

General Nature & Environment

eyebright image: Link to Mixed plant species (some insects)
Miscellaneous: plants and insects etc.
Fox image: Link to Garden Gallery
Garden Gallery
image: heathland. Link to Habitats Gallery
Habitats - under construction
image: Browndown Common, link to Gosport
Gosport: Greenspaces, plants, wildlife, etc.
image: rainbow, link to Natural World page
Natural world
image: Browndown SSSI, link to Contents page of Debs Web
Site Contents

This site is a showcase for my own images, mostly from Gosport in Hampshire, UK (where I live), but I hope it will also be an aid to identifying some of the British flora and fauna. Please use the 'Copyright' link (top of this page) for further information on using or buying photographs.

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