Hampshire bryophytes

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Isle of Wight 5km distribution maps

These maps show the distribution of the main bryophyte taxa recorded on the Isle of Wight (VC10), plotted at 5km square resolution. The maps are based on existing records in the BBS/BRC database, supplemented with records from local recorders up to September 2019. Taxa have mostly been grouped at the species level, but some well defined subspecies and varieties have been mapped separately.

The mapped area all falls within Ordnance Survey 100km grid square SZ.The coloured shading shows the date class in which the taxon was most recently recorded in each 5km square:


Thanks to the British Bryological Society and to Oli Pescott at the Biological Records Centre for his assistance in supplying and managing the datasets. The maps were generated from QGIS using the Tom.bio Biological Recording plugin developed for the Field Studies Council. Maps contain Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right (2021).

Last updated by John Norton, February 2021